with someone who has been featured on HayHouse Radio, Collective Evolution & has work published worldwide simply by turning on your computer, tablet or mobile phone!

Believe it or not, your intuition (AKA. your Spirit's Superpower) is already working perfectly.

That means you’re ALREADY:

  • accurately reading people
  • getting intuitive hits on that next decision you need to make
  • communicating with your Higher Self, the Angels and loved ones that have crossed over

Intuition Mastery will teach you HOW to use the skills you were ALREADY born with!

And the best part? You'll have lifetime access to this training.


This is an 8 week online mentorship program that you can revisit anytime... for life!

Growing up as a highly intuitive kid, I felt bombarded by other people’s energies most of the time. I was frustrated because I’d have panic attacks an suffered from social anxiety because I didn’t know how to use this amazing gift that I was born with.

It wasn’t until years later that I actively tried to develop my gifts. I met a ton of people who had a ton of opinions about how I should go about it. I tried mantras, chanting, sound therapy, scalar technology, crystals, meditating, online courses… you name it. None of it worked.

The reason why none of it worked was because everyone seemed to want me to follow them. Everyone proposed that they had the right way and everyone else’s was wrong. It was like I had to be someone that I wasn’t to use my intuition and that never felt right to me.

I KNEW that being myself was important. So I began to study and understand the signals my intuition was already giving me and EVERYTHING began to change.

The key to opening the door to intuition is to UNDERSTAND the signals you’re ALREADY getting from your sixth sense. The second you master the gift that you already have, you’ll be able to use it with perfect accuracy and clarity EVERY TIME.

Since then, I’ve gone from feeling anxious and overwhelmed by my gifts to learning to use it for myself on a daily basis...

I've had work featured on Hay House, plus multiple Hay House Radio appearances...


I have taught over 2.5 million people just like you how to accurately tune into their gifts through my online articles, TV/radio interviews and workshops.

I hope to see you in Intuition Mastery!

Does this sound like you?

  • You've totally lost touch with what you REALLY want to do with your life
  • You keep asking the Universe to help you but you're not actually open to receiving the help when it's offered
  • You want to develop your intuition but have NO IDEA how to do it
  • You're stuck in "planning mode" and endless watch videos, read articles and talk about intuition but don't actually take action and commit to it
  • You're so busy "rescuing"' others than you often forget about your wants and needs
  • You easily pick up on other people's energy and feel overwhelmed by toxic relationships
  • You want to develop your intuition but at the same time you’re terrified that you’ll see something you don’t want to see (a ghost, a scary future event, bad news)
  • You feel cloudy, confused or blocked whenever you try to tap into your intuition so you try to force it open.
  • You’re following someone else’s advice on how you SHOULD be getting intuitive information .
  • You’re second guessing yourself every time you get an intuitive hit.

I’ll show you exactly what YOU need to do to:

  • Get back in touch with your Higher Self and hear it CLEARLY
  • Learn how NOT to tune into the NEGATIVE energy
  • Learn how to accurately tune into to positive energy
  • How to clear your field
  • How to communicate with the angels
  • Use your senses, your thoughts, synchronicities  and the environment to accurately hear your intuition
  • Know the difference between reading for someone else and reading for yourself and how to do BOTH
  • Unblock your third eye chakra and effectively “turn up the volume” on your intuitive gifts
  • Learn to use your intuition as easily as your other five senses (touch, taste, sound, smell, sight)

You'll even learn how to:

  • Understand what your intuition is actually telling you
  • Accurately give readings for yourself and others
  • Perform readings under the stresses of the everyday
  • Your unique way of receiving Divine messages
  • Talk to your angels AND hear what they’re saying back
  • Learn to  use your gut feelings to make major decisions
  • Detach from other people’s energy and CLEAR it from your field

"I have known Danielle almost a year now and am truly grateful for all the clearing she has done for me. She has re-awakened my passion for life and totally realigned my perspective on all matters. I have found such relief in her sessions and each one is better than the last. She is an amazing intuitive healer who has the most angelic presence of any human I have ever met! Knowing her has enriched my life immensely.......and as a result.....benefits those around me too." Thank you for sharing your gifts Danielle!

- Isabella M.

"I have been seeing Danielle for a couple of months now and noticed a great deal of change, in my attitude, my life and my whole being. I came in a little skeptical but all in all I am a true believer. She gave me the tools and confidence to better my life the way I want too. She helped me get grounded and guided my thoughts in a positive light. I will be continuing my sessions with her, it's like an addiction for a happy life."

- Nadia C.



A skill that boosts intuitive accuracy a hundred fold. During this week, you’ll learn what that skill is, how many people use it incorrectly and how to begin to master it. In this week, you also receive your first Third Eye Activation guided meditation to unlock the third eye and clear blocks that are keeping you stuck in your intuitive development process.


In this week, you will learn how exactly to sift through the massive amounts of information that your intuition is picking up on on a minute to minute basis. You’ll learn why your readings are sometimes unclear and how to know when we’re actually making something up versus receiving real, valid information from Source.


In this week, you’ll learn why you were born with your intuition and the first steps to take so that you can read for people, places and yourself accurately. This is where a lot of people stumble and once you put the information form this week into practise it will immediately shift all of the information you receive into a much easier to understand form.


A lot of people wonder why psychics can give completely different readings to the same person and some believe that it is this difference that makes psychics incorrect. In this week you’re discuss how your experiences and point of view add a new and unique element to your readings and how to uphold this uniqueness every time you tap into your intuitive gifts. In this week, you will receive a second guided meditation intended to further develop your psychic skills, enhance clarity and boost confidence.


In this week, you learn how to make sure you’re not tapping into anything you don’t want to see or know. This includes tapping into negative spirits or negative energies. And what to do if this has happened to you before. This class is absolutely essential especially if you feel any fear surrounding this subject.


Stress is a constant in life. It occurs whenever we are being pushed to up level our consciousness or in other words, step out of our comfort zone. Stress isn’t something that needs to be eliminated but understood. In this week, we will discuss how to make friends with stress and how to get clear confident readings even in the middle of conflict and how to maintain your peace by establishing your inner sanctuary.


In this week, we get into the more practical uses of intuition such as how to use it in relationships, when making food choices or simple decisions. We ground all of the information you’ve learned in the previous weeks and bring it together into bite size pieces of information that you can utilize throughout the day. We also discuss personal frequency and maintaining a high level of vibration on a daily basis.


In this week, we discuss how to use your intuition to keep you moving forward in the direction of your choosing. We also talk about WHY we get stuck in the first place and how to get ourselves going whenever we feel like we’re not making progress. This lesson is integral to help get you through the blocks that you will surely encounter in the weeks following the program. We’ll go into the blocks that most often come up after we develop our intuition, how to recognize them and overcome them.


My Personal Promise To You

I want you feel totally confident and amazing in your decision. So… You have NOTHING to lose, but everything to gain. I’m going to give you TWO FULL WEEKS to decide if Intuition Mastery is right for you.

If by the end of that time you decide it’s not for you… Let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

No questions asked.

And you can still keep Angel Communication 101, The Two Third Eye Activations, and LISTEN: The One Hours Meditation Album!


They’re YOURS to keep!


"I am very fortunate and grateful to have had Danielle bless me with her healing. She has taught me how to change my thoughts and focus on being positive. Also, how to release negative thoughts and manifest more positive changes in my life. She helped me out of a terrible time in my life. I am a strong believer in her work and  recommend her to my closest friends and family. Thank you Danielle for all that you have done to help me."

- Mary M.



Imagine finally being able to tune into your intuition anytime, any place and with perfect accuracy.

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Lifetime Enrollment

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Lifetime Access to Intuition Mastery Dashboard

8 Online Classes Delivered Weekly

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Bonus Q & A for Each Lesson

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Access to Angel Communication 101

Access to Private Facebook Group

1 Hour Meditation Album

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhen does this course start and finish?

    The course starts as soon as soon as you click enroll and complete payment! When does it end? NEVER! That’s right! In the beginning each module will be released week by week and then, you’ll have access to this content forever!

  • q-iconHow long do I have access to the course?

    You’ll have this course for life! Once you enroll, you can access the content at any time and on your own schedule.

  • q-iconWhat's your refund policy on this course?

    Due to the nature of this course, all refund requests must be made before the second module is released. No refunds will be given after the second module has begun, and you will remain responsible for any remaining outstanding payments due. Any decision you make for non-participation after the refund period expires will not be a valid reason for a refund request.

  • q-iconHow does this work?

    When you purchase, you will receive your unique log in and password to access the membership pages of Intuition Mastery. Classes start right away! You can login to your member dashboard and take the first class! Each class will be released once per week. At the end of the 8 weeks, the content will remain available to you to access anytime.

  • q-iconHow is this course delivered?

    The first lesson starts as soon as you enroll and get your username & password set up. Each lesson is released one week apart. This continues every week for 8 weeks.

    Once you’ve viewed all the videos, you’ll have lifetime access to all 8 lessons so that you may re-visit and re-watch any video you choose. Each video lesson is about 45-60 minutes and can be viewed with video or audio only.

  • q-iconHow do we interact with you for answers/guidance?

    When you enroll in Intuition Mastery, you’ll also get access to a private “Intuition Mastery Community” on Facebook where you can post any questions and get answers and guidance by myself, or any other members in the group that have experience in the topic.

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